iPhone SE

Image courtesy of Apple

Image courtesy of Apple

Apple this week released the new iPhone SE. It's the same shape and design as the iPhone 5S but with upgraded internal parts to match the iPhone 6S. That means if you've been hoping that Apple would release a top of the line iPhone at the old screen size, now you've got your wish. Not only that, it's also the cheapest new iPhone released to date. You can get the iPhone SE outright for $399 or you can get it on a payment plan for as low as $13/month.

Read more on Apple.com: http://www.apple.com/iphone-se/

Don't Force Quit

Image courtesy of MacRumors

Image courtesy of MacRumors

Are you familiar with "force quitting" apps on your iPhone? The feature is accessed by double clicking the home button, scrolling to the app you are having a problem with, and swiping it up off of the top of the screen. The feature is meant to fix problems with apps that are frozen or are behaving incorrectly.

What the feature is not for is to save battery. The apps in that "multitasking tray" are all frozen; they are not using any resources nor battery. iPhones automatically freeze any app right where it was when you close it or switch to another app. In that way, when you go back to the app, you don't have to relaunch the app from scratch, saving you both time and battery. But, if you force quit all of your apps, they have to start over from the beginning every time, wasting your phone's resources. Your iPhone is very intelligent in the way it manages which apps are kept frozen and which are purged, much better than any user could ever be.

And, Apple has come out once again and confirmed that this is the case and it is antithetical to force quit apps if you're trying to save battery. The only times it is necessary are if the app is misbehaving or frozen. If you really want to save battery, check out your phone's Background App Refresh settings in Settings -> General -> Background App Refresh. Here you will find apps that can wake themselves up in the background to fetch new content so that when you open them in the future, nothing more has to be done. This is useful for apps you use often, but could be a battery drain for apps you don't.

If you have more questions about app and battery management on your iPhone, contact JTec at (949) 466-8442 or joshua@jtec.io

MacRumors link: http://www.macrumors.com/2016/03/10/force-quitting-apps-doesnt-help-battery/

Rumored iPhone SE

Here's some good news for everyone who thought the new 6/6 Plus designs were just too big: Apple is rumored to release a new iPhone 5s-sized iPhone called the iPhone SE next month. It is likely to be as good as an iPhone 6s but with a smaller screen.

Here's some renderings of what it might look like.
Read more at MacRumors: http://www.macrumors.com/…/what-the-iphone-se-might-look-l…/

Apple & The FBI

Image courtesy of Apple

Image courtesy of Apple

There's a lot of talk recently about Apple and the FBI. If you're not familiar, the FBI is requesting that Apple build a special version of the operating system that runs on iPhones and iPads to allow them to hack into iPhones at will.

For the FBI, this would mean that any iPhones they have in their possession could be unlocked so that the contents could be read, bypassing the user-created passcode. For Apple, it means releasing a piece of software that could very easily land in the hands of hackers and terrorists for the sole purpose of stealing user data. Once a "backdoor" has been created, hackers have an enormous incentive to copy that backdoor and use it for themselves.

The fundamental question regarding this access is not whether one phone should be unlocked for the FBI. It's whether Americans have the right to privacy. Under current constitutional law, Americans have a reasonable expectation of privacy and the FBI believes otherwise. They are either woefully ignorant of the ramifications of what they are asking for or they truly believe that Americans do not deserve privacy, continuing the legacy of such policies as the Patriot Act and NSA mass surveillance.

Apple has released a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) regarding this case and what it means for regular users like yourself. Head on over to apple.com and read for yourself: http://www.apple.com/customer-letter/answers/

Mission Control/Desktops

Do you ever feel like you have trouble fitting all your windows onto your Mac's screen? Or do you have so many windows overlapping that you can't keep track of them? Then you might be interested in OS X's Mission Control feature that lets you create multiple workspaces or desktops to organize your apps and windows.

To set it up, go into System Preferences (you can get there from the Apple logo menu in the top left corner of your screen) and then Mission Control along the top row. Here you'll find settings for Mission Control. JTec suggests unchecking "Automatically rearrange Spaces based on most recent use" and making sure that "When switching to an application, switch to a Space with open windows" is checked. This will ensure that if you click an app icon in your dock, the screen will switch to the correct Desktop. The last setting in that screen which may be of use to some (and may annoy many others) is the Hot Corners option. There you can set each corner of your screen to perform a certain action. We find that setting the top left corner to Mission Control very useful when switching between desktops.

Ok, so you've got the settings correct, now how do you use it? Open Mission control with either a hot corner, if you set one, or the Mission Control icon in the dock, or you can open Spotlight and type in Mission Control, or if you've got a multi-touch trackpad (most of you do) then you can swipe upward with four fingers. From here you'll see all the windows on your current desktop tiled for easy finding and a list of your separate Desktops along the top of the screen. Hovering over them will expand them and show you previews of the Desktops. You can add more by clicking the Plus button at the top right of the screen.

To move a window from one Desktop to another, click and drag the window from the main portion of the screen and drag it to one of the Desktops along the top of Mission Control. Drop it on the Desktop you want and its now over there, out of your way, and in its own workspace.This is extremely helpful if you want to keep your work and fun stuff separate, or if you're working on a project where you want only the windows for that project to be near each other.

To make Mission Control and Desktops even better, you can right click any app icon in the Dock along the bottom of your screen (unless you've moved it to the right or left), go to Options, and then click on Assign to "this desktop". That ensures that whenever you open a certain application, it will automatically put all of its windows in that desktop, moving you to that Desktop in the process. This way you don't have to move them yourself every time.

Mission Control and Desktops can take a little getting used to but are essential for smaller screens and those who want to get the most productivity out of their Mac. If you're looking for help with the feature or would like to talk to us about something else, call JTec at (949) 466-8442 or email us at joshua@jtec.io.

Messages Syncing

Did you know that if you have an iPhone you can send and receive your iMessages and text messages on your Mac and iPad as well?Your messages will show up in both places.
To enable the feature, Apple has some helpful documentation at this link: https://support.apple.com/en-gb/HT201349

If you'd like help in setting up the feature, contact JTec at (949) 466-8442 or joshua@jtec.io

Image courtesy of TripHcaker

Image courtesy of TripHcaker

Refurbished AppleTV

Image courtesy of 9to5Mac

Image courtesy of 9to5Mac

Apple is selling the new Apple TV in its refurbished store for $20-$30 off. Their refurbished stuff is just as good as new and comes with the same warranty as if you bought new.

Read more on 9to5Mac: http://9to5mac.com/2016/01/26/apple-tv-4th-gen-with-siri-remote-in-refurbished-condition/

Bye Headphone Jack

Looks like the next iPhone (7) probably won't have a headphone jack (according to rumors). That means all the headphones you already have that plug into the bottom of your iPhone will need an adapter to work. Some reports have claimed that Apple is working on wireless ear buds that will come with new iPhones or that Apple will include an adapter in every box. As with all rumors about future Apple products, they are 100% rumor until the day Apple announces it, usually in September. If someone tells you that a future Apple product will have X feature, they are guessing based on rumors, not facts.


Image courtesy of 9to5Mac

Image courtesy of 9to5Mac