AT&T Discontinues 2-Year Conracts

Image courtesy of MacRumors

Image courtesy of MacRumors

Payment plans for iPhones are probably the most misunderstood topic in all of the mobile space. We can't tell you how many times we've explained the difference between a 2-year contract and a payment plan such as AT&T Next, Verizon Edge, T-Mobile Jump, etc.

Unfortunately everyone is going to have to learn the new way of doing things as T-Mobile has already gotten rid of 2-year contracts and AT&T will stop offering 2-year upgrades on January 8th, this Friday. If you don't want the hassle of learning the new Next system for the next 2 years, upgrade your iPhones this week.

The good side of this is that Next plans are literally exactly the same price as 2-year contract plans. With 2-year contacts, you pay $200 up front for the phone and AT&T pays the rest of the price ($450) to Apple in exchange for you sticking with AT&T for 2 years and paying an elevated data/access plan every month. After the 2 years you are eligible for another phone with the same deal. With Next plans, you pay $0 up front and instead pay for the phone every month until a few months before it's paid off when you are given the option of trading in your phone for a brand new one at no extra cost. And the data/access plans are cheaper to offset the price of the phone every month. The advantage with this system is that you can choose the length of the Next installment plan to be longer and cheaper or shorter and more expensive. Lastly, with Next, if you decide you don't want a new phone after the installments have been paid for, you can just keep the phone and your plan is cheaper every month until you get a new one. It's a great way to save money whereas with the old plans if you didn't get a new phone every 2 years you were just wasting money every month.

When you make the switch to AT&T Next, make sure to switch your data/access plan to a Mobile Share Value Plan. You'll get tons more data and the price per month will be cheaper to offset the price of the Next installments.

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