Internet & Router Problems

Image courtesy of LifeHacker

Image courtesy of LifeHacker

Does your internet work great for a while then all of a sudden gets slow or intermittent? This is extremely common and nearly all routers exhibit this sort of failure. And you know what the best way to combat this problem is? Unplugging it, waiting around 10 seconds, and then plugging it back in. 

It may seem silly that you'd have to do this, but consider all that a router does compared with its relatively low cost. Each home gets one IP address that all your computers, phones, and devices have to share. The router's job is to translate that one public IP address into many local IP addresses. If your iPhone wants to browse to a website, the router has to remember that it was the iPhone, and not your computer, that requested that website and send the data to the right device. It is doing this thousands of times a day and can get "confused" and a restart is typically all it needs to start fresh again.

This is always the preferred starting point whenever you have internet issues. If you've got both a modem and router, unplug both for 10 seconds, then plug the modem in and wait for it to boot up completely, and then plug the router in. If you've got a combination modem and router, just unplug that one device, wait 10 seconds, and plug it back in. You should be up and running in no time :)

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Joshua Wallace

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     My first job tutoring was for community service during high school. I first assisted and then became a teacher at a beginners computer course for the elderly and those with English as a second language. There I taught the basics of computing (using a mouse, file systems, etc.) and went on to teach Excel, Word, and PowerPoint. I’ve managed a law firm’s computer network and integrated Macs into a predominantly PC environment. I’ve also held weekly classes for a retirement community focusing on doing more with their Macs. They learned things such as how to import and edit photos with iPhoto from a digital camera, how to set up Email, and much more. It was extremely fulfilling and I loved passing on my knowledge. 

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