MacKeeper & Scams

Image courtesy of iComputer

Image courtesy of iComputer

Have you ever been browsing the web and you come across a site that tells you that you could make your Mac faster and clean it up, or that you HAVE to do these things? Never listen! This is a complete scam and includes the likes of MacKeeper, TuneUpMyMac, and MacBooster. Each of these apps claims to make your Mac faster but actually causes tons of problems. They not only can't do what they say, but are actively eating away at your available resources and slow the rest of the computer down. 

Moral of the story: don't download an app because an online ad said your computer was slow. If your computer actually is slow, send us a message and JTec will let you know what your choices are before you spend any money.

Joshua Wallace

JTec, Santa Cruz, CA

    Ever since my mother won a computer at a company raffle when I was 6, I’ve been hooked. Nothing excites me more than new technology and I’m always the first to dissect and figure it out. From building my own PCs from parts at the LA Computer Fair in Pomona to my first PowerBook when I was 15, I’ve always loved computers. 

     My first job tutoring was for community service during high school. I first assisted and then became a teacher at a beginners computer course for the elderly and those with English as a second language. There I taught the basics of computing (using a mouse, file systems, etc.) and went on to teach Excel, Word, and PowerPoint. I’ve managed a law firm’s computer network and integrated Macs into a predominantly PC environment. I’ve also held weekly classes for a retirement community focusing on doing more with their Macs. They learned things such as how to import and edit photos with iPhoto from a digital camera, how to set up Email, and much more. It was extremely fulfilling and I loved passing on my knowledge. 

     Now I work on-call and travel to client’s homes or businesses to “fix” their computers while teaching them how to fix it themselves in the future. I also will routinely take computers home to repair hardware issues such as broken screens or trackpads. I genuinely want you to learn how to make the most out of your technology and I always aim to make you self-sufficient.