Client Testimonials

I highly recommend JTec to anyone who is looking for a bright, patient and knowledgeable professional who can help with all things Mac. They have helped with the start up of our real estate company in many ways:

*Setting up social media
*Mass online mailings
*Press releases
*Marketing mailings
*Advertising layouts

In Addition to the professional help, we have been fortunate to have had personal tutorials in:

*iPhoto organization
*Password security
*Security settings

We could not run our organization without them!!!
— Terri Watkins, Arnel Development
In appreciation to the service I’ve received from JTec over the past 6 years, I’d like to express my gratitude. From my humble beginnings as an amateur computer user to now being a computer issue problem solver, your knowledge and assistance has always been available at the drop of a hat.

I have dealt with many solution IT experts and I can honestly say that compared with JTec’s experience and expertise, the others are second rate. You could train them! I’d recommend your service to any new client or prospect.
— Christopher Centanni, Screenwriter
I have used Joshua’s services for over a year. I use a PC and Blackberry for work and an iPhone, iMac and PC at home. Joshua was able to set up my email so that I get everything I need on these various devices and across these different operating systems. He is bright, fast and knows his stuff. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

My situation was a bit complex since I have 6 different personal and business emails and need to be able to access them all the time from a PC, Blackberry or Apple device. This he was able to accomplish for me.

He shows up on time and that is also important to me.

I am sure you will be very satisfied.
— Jeffrey Towns, Attorney at Law
Joshua is friendly, professional and patient. He is also very honest and has a lot of integrity.
He arrives on time and is always available for any questions that may arise. He is very efficient with your time.
He does not rush you and is unbelievably patient regardless of your technological knowledge or (in my case) lack thereof.
He will offer solutions on the set up in your house or business, to additional products to improve your internet service to security solutions. He finds and orders any additional equipment with no additional service fee attached to those products. If someone can do something faster and less expensive he is not afraid to refer you out for those services.
I have referred him to friends and family and will continue to do so, I can’t say enough about him!
— Erin Casey, Sur West Homes
Joshua installed a hard drive for me and counseled me when I was ready to buy a new computer. He advised me on which MAC was best for my needs and usage. He tells you straight up where you can save money and where to spend it. His knowledge of both technical issues and software is unparalleled. He is always on time and fast. I highly recommend Joshua to anyone in need to technical support!
— Travis Slunaker, Asset Management Project Manager
As a busy working professional I did not have time to learn the many things needed to get my laptop running efficiently. I called Joshua with one small fix but quickly realized he could answer the other 10 things I wanted to correct in a matter of moments!
He not only installed more memory but helped me locate a website to order it so inexpensively. This got my computer working so much faster.
He diagnosed other issues as well; helped me update my website with iWeb, and generally figured out what I needed before I even asked!
Each time I have contacted Joshua he responds to me quickly with an answer!
I cannot recommend Joshua highly enough. You will not be disappointed.
— Sue Mitchell, Sur West Homes
I was having issues with hard drive space and consulted Josh for advice and help. With my permission, he was able to quickly tap into my computer, assess the problem, and fix some items and suggest other solutions. His knowledge of the inner workings of my Mac made it easy for him to see where my issues were. I would highly recommend him for you computer support needs.
— Daniel M., Teacher
I have been a client of JTec for a few years now. Over this period of time I have developed a strong appreciation for Joshua and the services he provides. He is the best at what he does, knowing all things “Mac”, competitive in price, professional, pleasant in demeanor and always on time.
When I have called last minute asking for immediate support, JTec has always been able to make it to my office or home, or been able to provide the needed support over the telephone.
I recommend JTec to anyone both in a professional setting as well as a personal residential setting. When you have someone in your home with access to your documents and passwords, you want someone you can trust. Joshua is that person.
— Lisa Scadron, HR Manager
Very professional
Knows his stuff
And is on time!
And in a pleasant manner took care of business
Five stars!
— Corky Lunsford, South Coast Toyota
Joshua has become an integral part of our household and a friend as well! He has singlehandedly kept our family up to date with the latest and greatest technology, and he’s done it quickly and with humor!
He’s answered many a silly question with nonjudgmental graciousness!
— Doug Vogel, Father & Actor
Joshua has been a godsend! I cannot recommend him highly enough! Having dealt with my share of tech support professionals over the years, both in the work environment and for personal use,he is far and away without peer. It seems when one needs tech support, it’s always a crisis— deadlines looming, critical files are inaccessible that you need tomorrow— all of that. So I find I’m always starting at peak level of anxiety before we even meet. Joshua has an unfailingly calm and calming demeanor right from the start. He is kind, helpful, and unbelievably patient with one who always feels fives years behind. He patiently explains and answers in ways I can understand. He takes the time to listen to my questions and values to solve the problem in a way best suited to my needs, not his. Most essential, he’s a wizard in my book, when it comes to expertise and problem solving. Maybe even more than that, he takes such pride in his work and concern for my satisfaction, that his commitment to follow-through and responsiveness is truly remarkable.
— Michael Eselun, Simms/Mann-UCLA Center for Integrative Oncology